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How Your Energy Levels Fluctuate Throughout the Day

Published October 03, 2022

1.  Cut down on caffeine and sugar

While it seems like a good idea to get an extra caffeinated or sugary boost in the morning, consuming your daily cup o’joe actually sets you up for a worse energy slump later in the day. You tend to crash around 3pm after your morning coffee.

2.  Eat more lean protein and snacks

Lean protein will give your body a natural source of energy so you can keep going throughout the day. Try eating lean chicken or beef for lunch, and snack at 9am and 3pm to keep your energy up.

3.  Try supplements

Supplements are crucial for maintaining your energy because it naturally improves how you feel without a crash compared to other sources like caffeine and sugar. Look into WellPath’s customized nutritional solutions, which is personalized for all your individual energy needs.


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